Hello and welcome to LAMA RAGE

You somehow landed on this website, that’s very cool. Not the website, but that you actually visit here. You’ll find news and some insights in the blog. Feel free to leave your feedback, questions or links to pictures of Llamas via the contact form. Enjoy your stay!



Just yet another indie game developer – yes, that is basically it. No need to waste your time reading any further.

You are still reading. Fine – let me just magically make up some marketing sentences that sound good on how LAMA RAGE is so much different from all the other indie games developers out there. Because it is!

First and most important of all. Llamas are awesome. If there was a ranking on best animals they would be very high up. Unicorns wouldn’t even get close because they have yet to be proven non-fictional. Rest assured, a raging Llama can be very real.

And then there are games, right? So many indie games no one could ever play them all. LAMA RAGE has decided to add some more to that list. Because it is not about getting the bigger market share, growing and making huge profits – No, “it’s about living up to a happy Llama‘s mental state”.

Last time I checked, games were eventually still about fun and entertainment. LAMA RAGE may not be about fancy graphics and most-successful game titles. It’s about the true nature of fun, entertainment and not taking yourself too seriously every now and then.

By the way: Llamas are herd animals. No, not the German “Herd” tho! It means you normally could expect them in a group. LAMA RAGE is aiming to build and entertain it’s herd simply by being Llama. Because the real success can only be emotional and sharing experiences with your community.

If you are wondering why it’s called “Lama” and not “Llama” rage. It is not because of a stupid mistake – don’t believe that! It serves a deeper meaning of course, which is not told – ever. Until now at least.

So now you read what LAMA RAGE is all about. Chances you did not understand the underlaying plan are very high – that’s okay. Remember, you have been warned not to read all this. But obviously you still seem pretty interested, would you care to join our common endeavors then?

Making Games

Imagine a long explanation about ideas becoming concepts and prototypes eventually a published game.

 < your imagination right here >

– well done.

In any case, LAMA RAGE will probably do it differently.


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